Amazon FireTV Plus Offer – How to use ZEE5 Premium subscription

Amazon FireTV Plus Offer – How to use ZEE5 Premium subscription

Offer Details:

Buy an Amazon FireTV Plus bundle from and get Rs.599 (1-year) ZEE5 Premium subscription.

Offer Validity:

  1. Valid from: 26th July 2021
  2. Valid till: 31st March 2022

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Offer applicable only for users who buy Amazon FireTV plus bundle.
  2. Customer must log-in with the Amazon account used while purchasing the Amazon FireTV plus bundle to avail the offer.

How To Avail The Offer: 

  1. Purchase an Amazon FireTV Plus bundle.
  2. Switch on your Amazon Fire Stick (AFS) on your TV.
  3. Click on Playstore.
  4. Search for ZEE5.
  5. Click on Download & Install. The ZEE5 app will appear on your AFS homescreen.
  6. Register/log in to ZEE5.
  7. On successful registration, the ZEE5 Premium subscription will be automatically activated.
  8. You can now watch Blockbuster ZEE5 Premium movies & TV Shows!

Additional Details / Special Condition / Exclusion*:

  1. The ZEE5 Subscription is not valid on a normal (NOT Plus) Amazon FireTV Stick (2nd/3rd/4th generation).
  2. The subscription is applicable only in India.
  3. Here’s how you can find the DSN number for your AFS device: Check the packaging of the AFS device shipped by Amazon. The DSN is an alpha-numeric code and mostly starts with the prefix GEB or X100.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. These Terms and Conditions shall constitute an agreement between ZEE5 and each Customer. By accepting and availing the Offer, the Customer accepts these Terms & Conditions as binding upon him/her.
  2. This offer is non-negotiable and non-binding.
  3. This offer is valid in India only.
  4. The benefits under this Offer are non-transferable. No exchange or redemption for an equivalent cash amount or in any other form shall be allowed.
  5. Apart from these Terms & Conditions, the Customer will also be bound by the Terms of Use or any such specific terms and conditions as provided by ZEE5 on their platform for using their services.
  6. To the extent permitted by law, ZEE5 or its representatives, employees, directors, officers or agents, shall not be liable for any loss suffered or sustained, to person or property including, but not limited to, consequential (including economic) loss by reason of any act or omission, deliberate or negligent on the part of ZEE5 or its representatives, employees, directors, officers or agents.
  7. ZEE5 reserves the right at any time and from time to time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, this Offer with or without prior notice due to reasons outside its control or otherwise (including, without limitation, in the case of anticipated, suspected or actual fraud).
  8. ZEE5 reserves the right to modify, add or delete any of the Terms and Conditions at any point of time at its sole discretion without serving any prior intimation to the Customers.
  9. The invalidity or unenforceability of any part of the Terms and Conditions shall not prejudice or affect the remaining parts of the Terms and Conditions to the extent that it is severable.
  10. ZEE5 shall not be responsible and/or liable in any manner whatsoever in case of any failed transaction as part of this offer NOR liable for any failure relating to technical, hardware, software, server, website, or other issues of any kind to the extent that these may prevent the Customer from participating in this offer.
  11. By availing this offer, it is deemed that the Customer has agreed to all the terms & conditions mentioned herein.
  1. This offer is governed by the laws of India and any disputes arising out of or in connection with this Offer will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Mumbai only.
  2. All terms and conditions related to ZEE5 service shall be as per the Terms of Use available on ZEE5 platform.
  3. ZEE5 reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of this offer and you are required to keep yourself updated about the same.
  4. For any assistance or queries related to ZEE5 service, please reach out to us by clicking the ‘Write to us’ link given at the bottom of the page.