Can I take multiple subscriptions at a time?

Can I take multiple subscriptions at a time?

You can definitely purchase multiple subscriptions at a time, however it's not beneficial. As any subscriptions purchased would commence immediately and overlap each other.
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    • Can I rent multiple ZEEPLEX movies at a time?

      Yes, you can rent multiple ZEEPLEX movies at a time. However, do keep a check on the rental and watch time validity for those movies.
    • What is rental validity and watch time validity in ZEEPLEX?

      Rental validity refers to the duration for which your ZEEPLEX movie rental will be valid, after a successful purchase. You have a specific number of days to start playing the movie once rented (this can differ for different movies). Once you have ...
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      This may be due to an unstable internet connection or a congested network, due to multiple people/devices being connected to the same network at a time. To speed up your downloads, please ensure you have a stable and fast internet connection. You can ...
    • I purchased a subscription/ZEEPLEX rental, but it’s not working

      Made a payment but your subscription/ZEEPLEX rental isn't active, or is missing? Don't worry, we'll have this sorted right away! Firstly, make sure that you are on the latest ZEE5 app version. Visit How can I enable automatic updates for the ZEE5 ...
    • How many devices can I watch on?

      The number of devices that you can watch ZEE5 content on depends on your subscription plan, and the platform through which you got the plan.  PREMIUM Subscription Plan Number of devices you can watch on Rs.699 (1-year) 3 If you do not have a ...