Download button does not work in Music

Download button does not work in Music

Currently Music does not have the facility to download songs for offline listening.

Don’t worry, this feature will be made available to you soon!

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    • Can I download music to listen offline?

      Not yet, but we’re working on it! Keep your ZEE5 app updated to enjoy the latest features and content.
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      Recommendations will work better if you have listened to a few songs / favourited a few artists that you may like. If not, we suggest you to please spend more time on Music. If still the recommendations are not good, please fill in the contact us ...
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      I am unable to play songs on Music Download button does not work in Music I do not like Music’s recommendations for me  Can I disable notifications for Music?
    • Are music videos available in Music?

      Yes, we have music videos available in Music.
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    • Content Grievance Redressal as per the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021

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