Renting movies on ZEEPLEX

Renting movies on ZEEPLEX

ZEEPLEX is a premium movie-on-demand service, where you can watch upcoming Blockbuster movies with your entire family from the comfort of your home.

With brand new movies, every month ZEEPLEX will be India ka Naya Multiplex!

It’s easy to identify ZEEPLEX movies – they’re marked with the    icon.

If you are unable to see the ZEEPLEX movie you have rented/purchased, click here.

Things to know about ZEEPLEX:

  1. You need to log in to rent and watch a ZEEPLEX movie.
  2. ZEEPLEX movies cannot be downloaded.
  3. ZEEPLEX rentals are non-refundable.
  4. ZEEPLEX movies are not a part of Premium subscriptions.
  5. ZEEPLEX movies can be played on the ZEE5 mobile app, ZEE5 website and supported Smart TVs / Media Streaming Devices only. You can also cast the movie to your Smart TV.
  6. Once your ZEEPLEX movie’s rental and/or watch time validity has expired, you will need to rent the movie to watch it again.
  7. Standard ZEE5 Promocodes, Prepaid codes, Gift Cards etc. are not applicable for ZEEPLEX rentals.

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    • Can I rent multiple ZEEPLEX movies at a time?

      Yes, you can rent multiple ZEEPLEX movies at a time. However, do keep a check on the rental and watch time validity for those movies.
    • How do I rent a ZEEPLEX movie?

      You can rent/purchase a ZEEPLEX movie through the ZEE5 mobile app or website only. Once rented, you can watch the movie on the ZEE5 mobile app, ZEE5 website or your Smart TV*! You can also cast the movie to your Smart TV. On the Android App  Open the ...
    • What is rental validity and watch time validity in ZEEPLEX?

      Rental validity refers to the duration for which your ZEEPLEX movie rental will be valid, after a successful purchase. You have a specific number of days to start playing the movie once rented (this can differ for different movies). Once you have ...
    • Subtitles aren't available for a particular ZEEPLEX movie

      ZEE5 endeavours to provide subtitles for as many of our amazing movies as possible.  We're working on adding subtitles for all our movies.
    • Where can I view my ZEEPLEX rental information?

      You can view your ZEEPLEX rental information on the ZEEPLEX Rentals page on the ZEE5 mobile app or ZEE5 website. Please follow the steps given below: On the Mobile App Open the ZEE5 mobile app & log in. Tap the hamburger menu  on the homepage of the ...